Golden Griffon Stringtet
Golden Griffon Stringtet in civil war costume Golden Griffon Stringtet on stage

The Golden Griffon Stringtet is an acoustic, instrumental, square dance & contra dance band from southeast Michigan, near Detroit, featuring hammered dulcimer, fiddle, guitar and bass.

The melodic combination of hammered dulcimer and fiddle has long been a staple of dance bands in Michigan and The Golden Griffon Stringtet is proud to be celebrating over 20 years as part of that tradition.

We play for square dances, contra dances, weddings and wedding receptions, holiday and Christmas parties, civil war re-enactment dances, heritage festivals, living history events, community fairs, concert performances and educational programs.   We also give private music lessons on hammered dulcimer, fiddle/violin, guitar and piano.

Our repertoire includes traditional jigs, reels, waltzes and airs from Irish, French-Canadian, New England and Southern/Old Time sources, civil war tunes, Christmas music, traditional Michigan dance tunes, polkas, two-steps, fox trots, contemporary dance tunes written in the traditional style and a few contemporary pop melodies that we have corrupted into contra dance tunes.

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